Sean Ferguson


2549 Albert Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI
United States




Just left the Science, Technology, and Society group inside the Engineering and Society Department at the University of Virginia (May 2022). My primary obligations were for ~90-100 4th year engineering students in a research and writing intensive capstone course. This was a mandatory course for all engineering students lasting their entire final year-- course STS4500/4600. My pedagogical interests have also included collaborating with my colleagues on standards as institutions of valuing and innovation shaping, helping build global engagement with engineering students in China (lead: Pr. Sharon Tsai-Hsuan Ku), and developing several locale initiatives to build more organic partnerships with undergraduate engineering student project development.

I've researched education assessments for engineering students, primarily using iterative concept mapping. Dabbled in researching global smart city phenomena. Worked on digital citizenship and open data projects at local scales. Invested heavily in critical pedagogy linkages to STS and engineering ethics, particularly where all of these fields stretch across global locations.