Clifton Evers and James Davoll


Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


Lecturer in Cultural Studies


Clifton Evers is a lecturer in cultural studies at Newcastle University,  He is a member of the The Shadow Places Network: a collaboration to re-imagine and co-produce connections for justice in an era of climate change.  Clifton is part of a research team on the grant:The First Fossil free Welfare State? Swedish Petro-Dreams, Resistances, and Coastal Transformations. Continuing research interests include gender (particularly men and masculinities), leisure, media, pollution, and blue spaces e.g. sea/ocean. Clifton primarily employs ethnography to conduct research, and experiment with creative outputs and research methods e.g. ethnographic fiction, soundscapes, film, performance art.
James Davoll is a multi-disciplinary artist working across creative digital media, video installation, film, photography and sound. Based in Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK. His practice explores specific landscapes asking questions of their contemporary role, relevance and our emotive response to them. He seeks to investigate our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. With his main background in lens based media he has found himself more and more bewitched by the art of sound and performance.