The Religious Resurgence and International Political Economy

TitleThe Religious Resurgence and International Political Economy
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsDreher, Sabine, and Sabine Dreher
Book TitleInternational Political Economy Series
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
ISBN Number978-3-030-41472-6
AbstractThe central historical development in International Political Economy (IPE) in the past forty years has been the development of neoliberal globalization. Neoliberal globalization is introduced as a political project which promotes free markets yet needs a strong state to achieve its goals. This chapter will show that alongside the development of a neoliberal form of capitalism worldwide there was also a religious resurgence that students of the global political economy largely ignored. This is puzzling given that the relationship between capitalist development and religion has been a long-standing field of inquiry across the social sciences. The chapter discusses the neoliberal globalization project followed by an outline of the religious resurgence, explains the argument of the book and how to read it, and concludes with a methodological note on religion at the individual level as well as intra-religious debates and their relevance for the question of the relationship between the secular and the religious.