Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLing, L. H. M., Heike Brabandt, Bettina Roß, and Susanne Zwingel
PublisherVS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften
ISBN Number978-3-531-91097-0
Abstract“Welcome to the Coke side of life”.2 This slogan from one of corporate capitalism’s most famous icons encapsulates neoliberal globalization’s promise as well as its threat. That is, prosperity, equality and happiness can be attained by all but on one, unequivocal condition: convert to the US-led, neoliberal world-order or be disciplined. Conversion entails wholesale integration of neoliberal policies, practices and institutions at all sites of public policy-making, regardless of local histories, cultures or desires. Discipline comes through economic, political and sometimes military ‘reform’ by the neoliberal “Self” onto recalcitrant “Others”.3 And if both mean a kind of annihilation for the Other, for neoliberals reason, so be it. The world, after all, needs to be democratized and liberalized to enjoy an enduring peace