this is an artical that was written by Mary Mbewe concerning the first world war fortifications in Mbala.Read more

C. Mellor-Hill, Report on the Official Celebrations during November 2018 to Mark the Centenary of the 1918 Armistice Signifying the End of the First World War in Africa

The year 2018 marked the centenray of the armistice and End of World War one. During this time (20. 11.2018) the Askari eshibition at the Moto Moto museum launched as well. This article is a report of the official celebrations from 2018 in Africa.Read more

M. R. Moyd, Violent intermediaries. African soldiers, conquest, and everyday colonialism in German East Africa (Athens, Ohio 2014) Chapter 2: Making Askari ways of war. Military training and socialisation.

In this Chapter Moyd writes about the socialization process that Askari soldiers went through while serving in the military called "Schutztruppe" wich was established by the german colonialists. The text issues day to day activities that were suposed to prepare the soldiers for armed conflicts....Read more

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