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Afforded Culture

The image here, along with your text frame-up a powerful sentiment that I often feel gets lost in the discursive gymnastics over gentrification, or pretty much most facets of Late Industrial...Read more

Interview with Frederic Jameson 2014

An interview in Social Text with the philosopher of postmodernism, Frederic Jameson. He is revisiting his notes on postmodernism in lieu of the digital age and clarifies his thoughts on historocity.

"As for other features, one of the things I have written about is the
effects on...Read more

Ruination, Remaking, and Return

Alix Johnson provocates on the ubiquitous processes of re-building and reclamation of modern infrastructure, and the various enfolding tensions that arise between neoliberal profiteering and psychico-social agency of residents in the late industrial period. His focus here is on the leftovers of...Read more

Imperial Debris: Reflections on ruin and ruination

Ann Laura Stolers framing of a latter day understanding of ruins and ruination. Here, she engages the ambivalence of the term throught the works of Fanon and Benjamin, unfurling the terms active and passive, its materials and psychic effects. 

"Ruination is an act perpetrated, a...Read more

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