Archive Ethnography

AOk. Affects.

Especially when I was in Nairobi, perhaps as a result of the worries of my interlocutors regarding government surveillance, I felt growing wariness about publishing openly. I became...Read more

AOk. Connecting users.

The archive has connected users through synchronous discussion facilitated on Zoom. This is a small group of self-selected 5 people or so. Most of these people did not know each other...Read more

AOk. PECE design logics.

All members of the group have the permissions needed to upload artifacts but this often seems overly laborious, especially since many of the artifacts are first shared on a WhatsApp...Read more

Unruly archiving

  • Anhropology and archives in general focus on "relations, responsibilities, voices, bodies, legacies, and publics." (67)
  • Archive-imaginingĀ 
  • Archives are always becoming and in
  • ...Read more
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