From Anon to alt-right: on the dangerous tricksters of 4chan and the evolution of online toxicity.

"Exposing a Chemical Company," a review of  Mathieu Asselin's Monsanto: a photographic investigation.  

"... it is a visual call for corporate responsibility. Drawing on the theme of temporality that pollution often creates, the photobook is a timeline that documents over 100 years of chemical harm. The book explains through word and image how the agrochemical company Monsanto has caused ecological, social, and health problems for countless people across the world.

Special issue of Toxic News on different ways to make toxics visible. 

Steps towards an Ecology of Mind

A collection of essays written by Gregory Bateson that establish an ecological approach to thought, learning, and culture.Read more

Toxic News! 

"Toxic News online magazine is a forum for discussions about toxics in everyday life. We aim to bring together a wide range of stories, cases, and perspectives about toxics, from researchers, activists, writers, and artists. Given the immense scale, scope, variety, and complexity of toxic issues around the world, this is a unique space for sharing questions and insights."

how silences enter the archive

Klein (p.662) quoting Trouillot:

"Michel-Rolph Trouillot (1997, 26) describes how such silences enter the archive at four crucial moments: 'The moment of fact creation (the making...Read more

The Image of Absence

An article important to the PECE Design Group in its early years, for thinking about the limits of archives and how to design around them.  Lauren Klein is the co-author of Data Feminism.Read more

Touring “Cancer Alley,” Louisiana: Performances of Community and Memory for Environmental Justice

The article focuses on toxic tours in Lousiana's "cancer alley", focusing on "how toxic tours may function rhetorically as cultural performances to help build communities of resistance through acts of politicizing memory."Read more

Toxics Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Science

Kim Fortun discusses the role of digital infrastructures and visualization practices in rendering toxics legible.Read more

Toxicity: By Danny Hoffman

A photo essay on toxicity by Danny Hoffman.Read more