Abject Saint



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January 21, 2019 - 7:45pm

Critical Commentary

The Black dressed figure is the picture of Grand St Anne, a Voodoo synchronized saint that is known for her miracles (Healing, personal wishes, and justice) throughout Haiti. This picture demonstrates the strong synchronized bond between Catholicism and Voodoo. Her counterpart Saint Jacque is on the left. Although Grand St Anne is known throughout Haiti, some Catholics and Christians in Haiti see the saint as a monster-Djab. This demonization of this famous saint speaks to the long history of anti- Voodoo campaigning carried out by the Catholic Church (Ramsey 2011, Trouillot 1990). On the question of Indigenous based religions, it is not unusual for them to become "sanitized" by Catholic impositions(Mibiti 1969). Grand Anne is a complicated idol because her image as her dark skin, lack of arms and legs, and oversized dress have made her subject to criticism of being satanic.